Tips & Toys to Support Group Play Games Experiences

A glimpse of children happily engaged in pretend play is like witnessing pure magic. Have you ever wondered how closely you should monitor kindness and safety during group play? Do you find yourself hovering or interrupting play unintentionally? Parents and caregivers should check in occasionally, but children should have enough physical space to connect, create, and resolve conflicts on their own. group games for kids

In order to support group play without getting in the way, we can do the following:

group games for kids, Create a play plan

Sit with the children for a brief planning session if they are having trouble agreeing on specific pretend play roles or scenarios. Identify what and how the children play differently based on their experiences. “Max was trying to describe who he wants to be in the family. Let’s hear him out without interrupting. Then it’s your turns.” Once everyone knows their roles and the situation, take a step back and observe.

Let them solve their own problems

Let the group sort through any challenges that arise before stepping in. It may feel uncomfortable to hear them struggle, but it is so good for them to learn on their own! You should encourage the children to speak to one another directly rather than speaking on their behalf if you feel the group needs some adult support. Sarah seems to want to prepare this pretend pizza on her own. The next time you are done, Sarah, tell Owen, “You can use this oven.” After you step in, reflect on the problem-solving process by asking yourself, “As a parent, have I taken on too much?””Had they said or done more?”  

Don’t forget to take some time for yourself

Stay busy in a nearby room and check in periodically. There’s no need to interrupt or ask what they’re doing! Observing their play from the hallway (or another area of your outdoor space) will give you a sense of their activity. Take this time to work or play on your own. Whether you answer a few emails, prepare snacks for the playdate, or spend a few minutes doing something you enjoy, your children will see you meeting your own needs.

The following are a few of our favorite open-ended toys for group play: 

Play Silks

The ultimate open-ended toy, play silks foster creativity, movement, and role-playing. Children can use these play silks as a magical river, the walls of a fort, or capes for dress-up play. All you need is a little imagination and these eco-friendly play silks… the possibilities are endless!group games for kids

Road Sets: A Fun Way to Play

Adventure awaits with these Road Sets. Segments can be used on almost any surface, indoors and outdoors, and group games for kids can be connected to create circuits and roads. Road segments made by Way to Play are made from a durable, hygienic rubber compound that is 100% safe for children. 

Tomica System 3way Jump Road set (Tomica) - HobbySearch Toy Store

Tower of the Rainbow Building

The colorful tower of wooden rainbow slats is a visual treat for all ages. Children can sort by color, stack and lean slats, spell something out, or simply build the rainbow structure of their dreams.

Play Deck for Everyday

More than 125 invitations to play are included in the Everyday Play Deck. These decks celebrate sustainability, imagination, and the joy of childhood. Children of all ages and abilities will benefit from the ideas shared.  group games for kids

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